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Sealand Generator: Kosmische Dynamik

From the Workings of the Imperial Commission «VRILIA»

Important Message from the Sealand Business Club
February 2016

Due to the statement by Dr Angela Merkel aimed at the fugitives made at the state party conference of the CDU in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania

“we expect that – when peace reigns again in Syria and when the IS in Iraq is vanquished – you return to your home country with the knowledge that you have received from us here”

the Government Commission Vrilia has decided – based on what is happening in the world at this time (waves of fugitives) – that as of now the Sealand Generators may be purchased by all interested parties of any nation for 1000 €.

After one year the user may extend this contract up to a maximum of three years by paying a further fee of 300 € per year.
Alternatively after the first year the user may buy the Generator outright for 1’000 € as his property.

For distribution partners there arise interesting financial perspectives.

Since June 2016 we also offer the option to acquire the Sealand generator (Vril technology) outright for 1’000 € (see Transfer of Ownership). This goes for all generators that had been supplied. If desired, a special financial accord may be reached for Club members who have had their generator for five years. Depending on the age of the generator the amount will be between 100 and 300 €. Please contact us by email if this is of interest for you.

The owner accepts full responsibility of the application of the possibilities offered by the Vril Technology and all other advantages the energy possesses. Since neither science nor politics officially accept the existence of the Vril Technology, any legal recourse is excluded. Not excluded would be deliberate intent to defraud and deception of any kind by the Sealand Trade Corporation as provider.
Legal venue is the European Court of Human Rights at Strasbourg.

Enquiries are possible by telephone or email:

+49 152 069 729 01

+49 152 095 742 95

+41 79 433 92 73 


Urs Thoenen 

Johannes W. F. Seiger

President Sealand Business Club

Mitglied der Regierungskommission Vrilia

Government Commission Vrilia

Red Bull – Sealand Generator

Pride Comes Before a Fall

We had given the Red Bull Racing Team the guarantee for the racing season 2015 that if they use the Sealand generators to reach positions 1 to 3.

Dr Helmut Marko

Our email of the 17th February 2015 given below apparently has not been acknowledged by Dr Marko and in any case was not answered:

Send: Tueday, 17th February 2015 at 11:37
By: "Urs Thoenen" <>
Re: Red Bull Racing – Dr Marko

Dear Dr Marko,

Many thanks to Red Bull that in its internet documentation “Zehn geheimnisvolle Weltwunder” (Ten Mysterious Wonders of the World) the Principality of Sealand has been mentioned in the top place.

We use this as the opportunity to contact you again and to draw your attention to the exclusive use of the Sealand generators (Vril technology). We point to our correspondence with Bernie Ecclestone from the year 2013 (attached).

We offer you for the racing season 2015 the following with our guarantee:

For the Championship Title achieved due to the application of the Sealand generators Red Bull pays the Sealand Trade Corporation € 1’000’000, for place two € 500’000, for place three € 100’000.

In return you receive three Sealand generators of a special newest construction that do not correspond to the devices offered in the Sealand Business Club for one year for testing purposes against a deposit of € 10’000.

In case our offer is of interest to you, please contact us by phone or mail within the next 14 days.

Telephone: +41-79-433 92 73
Urs Thoenen
President of the Sealand Business Club

PS: In a second attachment we send you the results of tests done on the Go Kart track in Berlin. The results were in the first and second tests so promising that we were thereafter no longer allowed to do any further test runs.

Go Kart

This document and the attachments as PDF

Press Release Nov. 3th, 2014

New Models 2014: Even more energy density

The Cosmos is the Measure of All Things

According to Prof. Dr. Ing. Leuschner as Minister for Science and Technology in the Principality of Sealand of long standing an intact immune system is the prerequisite for the defence against viral infections (among others also Ebola).

The Concept of Energy Density in the Sealand Generator (Vril Technology)

The Sealand Generator (Vril Technology) contains neither magnets nor batteries nor any other moving mechani-cal parts. It latches on to the cosmic energy field and channels this energy for positive utilisation.
The starting point for the development of the Sealand Generators was the task to engineer a small device to strengthen the immune systems of biological beings. Over many years the research that had been conducted secretly in the former GDR was continued and developed following decisive impulses from documents concerning the technology of flying disks (Vril Technology) that have been handed to Mr Johannes W. F. Seiger. Since the positive influence on the immune systems is not readily discernible, testing the device in motor vehicles proved a perfect option since there the effects are immediately apparent. In internal combustion engines a marked and provable improvement of combustion of the particular fuel is achieved due to the Vril Energy, leading to a marked decrease in CO2 emission (as documented in tests by the German TÜV).
The energy density decides the strength of the influence on biological beings. A higher energy density thus achieves an extended sphere of influence. It is our aim to achieve higher energy densities in relatively small de-vices.
In the biological area the immune system of human beings is optimally set by the continuous supply of higher energy densities of the cosmic Vril Energy. The former Minister for Science and Technology of the Principality of Sealand, Prof. Dr. Ing. Leuschner, formed the notion that human beings themselves are the best pharmacy as long as the immune system is intact.
Autumn 2014 – Government Commission VRILIA
signed Johannes W. F. Seiger
Short Information about the Sealand-Generator as a Flyer
Application for the private use of the Sealand Generator as a member of the Sealand Business Club

Short Information about the Sealand-Generator as a Flyer

Information concerning the use of the Sealand Generator

This document as pdf

interner Link Application for the private use of the Sealand Generator as a member of the Sealand Business Club

  • Due to the actual great interest for the Sealand Generators we have raised the membership quota in the German-speaking area from 1'000 to 2'000.
    The test contract for one year has been cancelled, the membership in the Sealand Business Club has been extended in as much that after five years of membership the member may apply to acquire the Generator for €100 as property.

Application 2014

The concept of energy density in the Sealand Generator (Vril Technology)

Press Release Nov. 3th, 2014

New Model 2014 - 11: Even more energy density

Directions Concerning the Use of the Sealand Generator (Vril Technology) in Motor Vehicles and Living Quarters

The Sealand Cosmos Generator (Vril Technology) is partly based on the discoveries by Karl Schappeller (1875–1947). More than 30 years of nature studies, unencumbered by all academic science, and an unusual power of realisation allowed Schappeller to delve more deeply than perhaps any human before him into the essence der of matter and energy.

What the most modern nuclear physics and electrochemistry have only grasped as partial results, Schappeller in his time was already conversant with. In hundreds of experiments he checked his realisations made through his studies for the practicality and thus he found the basis for a whole new technology, the fundamental character of which is the realisation of the dynamic unity of the world.

Thus technology has been guided from mechanics to dynamics. This means, as will have to be pointed out, the most formidable and momentous revolution in all fields that humanity ever experienced …

What Schappeller brings to us is no more and no less than the Elemental Force (Urkraft), which is the mother force of all matter and energy at the same time.

What then is this elemental force? It is the force that “the world contains in its innermost heart and finer veins”!

Rudolf Steiner called this elemental force Vril or Gral. Everything that once existed in the world will return. The Vril force (of the Atlanteans) is based on something special. At this time mankind is only able to use the mineral forces of Nature, electricity is also mineral-based. Railroads were only possible because of stone coal.

What mankind has not yet understood to make use of is the herbal force. The force that in a cornfield makes the stalks grow, (see “corn circles”) is still (1906!) a latent force, and this man will finally subdue into serving him as he did with the force of stone coal.

A new world view must be shaped. Only people of high spirits may achieve this. But these people must be present before the elemental force may become effective.

They must

by their own thinking recognise
the essence of that very force
that later shall serve them.

To the spirit, the knowledge, the ethos honour be,
not to technology and matter!

This is the touchstone for the friends of Schappeller’s work. They want to be friends of a new spirit, not of new motors and machines.

Below are summarised the experiences of the Sealand developer team with the most recent Vril devices respectively Sealand Generators:

1.             For the employment of the energy in a motor vehicle the device should be placed inside the vehicle in the front area. It should be secured in a storage area or below the seat so it will now fly around when braking or in curves etc.

2.             It may take about ten minutes until the device reaches its full effectiveness.

3.             To begin with one should go easy on the use of the throttle, for the devices unfurl their effects already in the lower speed band.

4.             Please observe that the increased pleasure in driving might based on the higher torque overshadow the difference to driving without the Vril device.

5.             By observing changes one should pay attention to the sound of the engine, the driving noise, the suspension and breaks behaviour and the decrease of the drag resistance after disengaging the clutch.

6.             In the range from 50–60 km/h upwards in the latest devices a kind of “self-priming” effect may appear: It seems as if the vehicle is driving itself. With only a minimal pressure on the throttle speed can be maintained.  

7.             (A similar effect caused the developing team not to make available an even stronger model at this time.)

8.             With time this “self-priming” effect shows a noticeable reduction in fuel consumption.  This has provably been lowered by up to 40% and more.

9.             The passengers of the vehicle are also within this force field, which – as experience has shown – positively affects the immune system of human beings.

10.         Residential areas are similarly affected. A Vril device centrally placed with time fills all rooms. No negative side effects have ever been noticed. It is conceivable that the influence might for certain people be too much or to intensive, so the device should simply be placed at a greater distance until the organism has learned to accept the heightened energy influx. More does not mean better.

We now wish you much success with the devices of Vril Technology, the team of developers are convinced that the Sealand Generator will change the world.

Autumn 2014 – Government Commission VRILIA

Short Information about the Sealand-Generator as a Flyer

Information concerning the use of the Sealand Generator

This document as pdf

interner Link Application for the private use of the Sealand Generator as a member of the Sealand Business Club

  • Due to the actual great interest for the Sealand Generators we have raised the membership quota in the German-speaking area from 1'000 to 2'000.
    The test contract for one year has been cancelled, the membership in the Sealand Business Club has been extended in as much that after five years of membership the member may apply to acquire the Generator for €100 as property.

Application 2014

The concept of energy density in the Sealand Generator (Vril Technology)

Press Release

Sealand Generator

Vril Rod
Model 2014

Press Release om May 8th, 2014 - Documentation included

The German Reich never capitulated, only the three Wehrmacht sections did.

Dr. James D. Ryan, New York Times, Februar 7th, 1961:

«Once the truth concerning Flying disks becomes general knowledge – an one day it will – the effect upon those who hitherto declared it as nonsense will be truly shocking. This shock may be so great that it will topple the governments of this world and leave mayhem behind until new leaders will be found who are capable to lead the world with a totally new view of life.»

Government Centre Vrilia

May we exclude that the Boeing 777 MH370 (Malaysian Airline) is there? Is this sedition or the truth?

Signed: Johannes W. F. Seiger
Government Commission Vrilia


  1. Letter from Johannes W. F. Seiger to the Attorney General of Brandenburg, Prof. Dr. Erardo C. Rautenberg, concerning the whereabouts of the aircraft Boeing 777/MH 370 Malaysian Airlines and inquiry regarding the allegation of sedition against Sealand

    Correspondence with Günther Jauch concerning endangering air traffic through the application of non-authorised Sealand-Vril technology

    Correspondence with N24/Michael Friedman in the same matter

    Documentation: Diary of Admiral Byrd about the disaster of Operation High Jump 1947 against New Swabia (Neuschwabenland) and his experiences with Vril technology

    History of New Swabia and its relation to the German Reich

Download this complete documentation in one file

Short Information (Flyer)


Government Commission Vrilia

of October 5, 2013

following the Announcement Ecclestone in the year 2012

The Sealand Generator (VRIL Technology)

As may be seen in the flyer Ecclestone, we had contacted 2012 Mr Bernie Ecclestone in 2012 and told him the following:
Who masters and is able to use this technology decides the winners even before the start of the season and in the Formula 1 the world champion.

Further we had written to the Formula 1 Team Sauber, Ms Kaltenborn, as follows:

Sent: Thursday, 25th July 2013 10:15

To: Schrepfer Eveline

Re: Season 2013

Dear Ms Kaltenborn,

Referring to the less than satisfactory results of the Sauber Teams this year we take the liberty to offer you again our latest Sealand Generator (Vril Technology) without obligation and without any cost for testing.

We guarantee that when installed the Sauber Team will for the rest of the season not only show better results, but also achieve placements bringing points.

We would really regret it if your long-established company would decline this offer unchecked.

Awaiting your answer I remain with my best regards

Urs Thoenen
President Sealand Business Club

The report sheets:

Measurement 1, 22.5.2013, 14:19 – without Sealand Generator
Measurement 2, 22.5.2013, 14:26 – with Sealand Generator
Measurement 3, 22.5.2013, 14:36 – with a different Sealand Generator
By increasing the energy density with the Sealand Generator slight changes in the Newton metre range were registered.

New measurements on October 2, 2013 at the company KKS in Genshagen – the tests were made using the latest Sealand Generator (Cigar) in the same vehicle used in the first three tests, after the Generator had been in the vehicle only for seven or eight minutes. Here an increase in the Newton metres of about 20% was noted.

Urs Thoenen
President Sealand Business Club

VRIL Technology
Cosmic Force Field
(TÜV Rhineland, 1996)

Flyer with short informations.

2013: Equal Chances
in the

We have to thank Mr Bernie Ecclestone that official application of the VRIL Technology in the Formula 1 was approved, while politics world-wide has for years refused to apply this energy technology free of costs for the good of all humanity.

Juni 11, 2011

Principality of Sealand  
Urs Thoenen
Minister for Cultural Affairs and Information

When Nicola Tesla, Viktor Schauberger, Karl Schappeller and others initiated a world-wide dawn in energy production,
scientists and engineers in Germany worked officially on research and application of the Vril energy leading among other avenues
to the construction of German flying discs.

Admiral Canaris and Colonel General Udet in particular had recognised the scope of the Vril technology and secured its continuation past the end of the war.

Press Release

Press Release of December 21, 2012

This Document as pdf


Prime Minister

Greetings at the Turn of the Year 2012/2013

Based on the Friendship and Consular Treaty with the Commissary Government oft the German Reich – approved by the SHAEF legislator USA, represented by the then President Bill Clinton – (see the complete PDF documentation under interner Link

the Government Commission Vrilia feels compelled to release further technologies using Vril energy, in order to bring about through strategic means the ending of the Second World War by means of the Peace Treaty – according to international law long overdue – between the German Reich and the Allied Powers (“Siegermächte”) of the Second World War for the good of all humanity.

At this time there exists only an armistice (see interner Link Enemy States Clause in articles 53 and 107 in the United Nations Charter), this means that both sides may take up combat operations again. As long as a war is not terminated through a peace treaty, no country has the right to claim to be a victorious power.

The present situation in Germany, Europe and the whole world – unrest, social impoverishment by the lowering of the poverty level – is the result of the compliancy of politics towards high finance.

Despite all difficulties we wish all of you a Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year.

December 21, 2012

Johannes W. F. Seiger

Urs Thoenen

Hans-Jürgen Sauerbrey

Chairman of the Privy Council  and Prime Minister

Minister for CulturalAffairs and Information 

Head of the Diplomatic Mission in the German Reich

Vril Energy for the Twenty-first Century
The new Vril Staffs
Under the care of the Government of the Principality of Sealand and under the responsibility and guidance of its Prime Minister, Johannes W. F. Seiger, certain sections of the VRIL technology programme – entrusted to the Principality of Sealand by the German Empire – were continuously developed to reach maturity for civil applications. The following documentation gives an insight into the present and sanctioned status of their application possibilities. At the same time, of course the political aspect of our efforts shall not remain unmentioned. ...

Biological effects of the Sealand Staff revealed by Kirlian photographies ...

Government Declaration 2009.10.1
'The state of Vril technique development reached allows us now to make the VRIL technology available to an extended circle of users. ...'
VRIL Technology in Civil Praxis

Visualisierung der Wirkung des Vrlistabs durch ein Pulsoximeter
Report by the Government Commission Vrilia about the developments released for the civil sector in 2009

[Status: November 2009]

Yet to make the energy flow still visible somehow, a so-called Pulsoximeter may be used ...


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