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Principality of Sealand
Prime Minister

March 21, 2000

Dear Mr. Chancellor,

I confirm your reaction to my letters of December 9, 1999 and January 14, 2000, which happened promptly a few days after my second letter in the form of a police search. Again the well-known party friend from the circles around Mr. Glogowsky served as actuator.

The claim that I was guilty of threat by abusing the office of Plenipotentiary for the Constitutionally Special Status Berlin, respectively Plenipotentiary for the German Reich served as accusation and pretext: that I myself had written threatening letters abusing these titles. Actually were such letters written by the Plenipotentiary for the Constitutionally Special Status Berlin forwarded by us to the addressees. Such letters were caused by infringements by officials and lawyers of the FRG of our rights stemming from contracts between the Principality of Sealand and the Commissary Government German Reich, which are endorsed by the SHAEF Legislator USA. Such letters concerning the Principality of Sealand were forwarded by us to the addressees, mostly with a corresponding commendation, because in order to check the legal situation we wanted to bring about charges by those concerned against the author, the Plenipotentiary, at the competent prosecutor’s offices of the FRG. Characteristically, for years no actions were ever taken by federal prosecutors against the Plenipotentiary installed by the SHAEF Legislator USA, although the address of his official residence is given on all his letters.

In best “constitutional” manner it was claimed that I had written those letters, and under this pretext the police searches named above were conducted. One could at least have expected that at the same time a search of the premises unequivocally marked on the letters as sender: the official residence of the Plenipotentiary.

Although the heads of the police action, KHK Finck and KK Reinhard, were informed by phone during the search by Mr. Samter, the deputy of the Plenipotentiary, that the said letters were really authored by his office, and despite the fact that no incriminatory material was found on the premises, our computer was confiscated along with diverse documents and more than 300 sheets of daily copies. Thus the work efficiency at our office and that the companies linked with Sealand has been seriously hampered.

During the search, in contravention of the Vienna Treaty, the search was extended to the office of the Head of our Diplomatic Mission in the German Reich, Minister Sauerbrey, by citing “threats” and “imminent danger”.

Based upon this and earlier procedures the undersigned, confirmed by the signature of the Syndic of the Principality of Sealand, Dr. Oomen of The Hague, whom you know personally from a conference, has issued the attached decision 2/3/00.

Dear Mr. Chancellor, should you not contradict the following statements by March 31, 2000, I assume their legality:

1. The law primarily valid in Germany is the SHAEF Legislation of the SHAEF Legislator USA and the still valid occupation law, as it is confirmed in the Federal Law Gazette 1990 II, page 1274, and in other documentation of the FRG.

Declarations made and treaties signed by the Plenipotentiary (of the SHAEF Legislator) for the German Reich, especially when endorsed by the SHAEF Legislator USA, are valid in respect to the Federal Republic Germany as well as in international law in general.

If you do not contradict these statements, I ask you consequently to instruct the authorities of the Federal Republic of Germany, in future to respect the status of the Principality of Sealand.

With respects
Principality of Sealand

Johannes F. W. Seiger
Prime Minister and Chairman of the Privy Council

Search Decision and Search Protocol of February 7, 2000
Complaint to the District Court Luckenwalde
Memo Sby of February 8, 2000
Government Decision 2/3/00


Copies to:

Registered Recorded Delivery Slip
The Chancellor
Mr. Gerhard Schröder
Federal Chancellery
Mauerstraße 34-38
10117 Berlin

Principality of Sealand - The Prime Minister
c/o Diplomatische Vertretung des Fürstentums Sealand im Deutschen Reich
Ahrensdorfer Straße 7. D-14959 Trebbin-Löwendorf

  pdf Original document & translation of this letter


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